Handcrafted Treats,
Local Ingredients,
Tail-Wagging Fun!

Handcrafted Treats, Local Ingredients, Tail-Wagging Fun!

We pride ourselves on creating handcrafted artisan dog & cat treats using 100% human-grade ingredients, and whenever possible, sourcing organic and local ingredients. As a community pet store, we go beyond just being a place to find dog & cat supplies!

Rooted in Northeast Pennsylvania

The Vision Behind Green Dog Barkery

Green Dog Barkery is proudly local, women-owned, and independently operated – not a national franchise. We believe in the strength of our community and strive to support it in every way we can. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is woven into the fabric of our daily operations and products. From the ingredients we use, to the products and packaging we choose, we are dedicated to minimizing our ecological pawprint.

But that’s not all. Our space is not just for transactions; it’s a hub for off-leash dog socialization (BYOB for us dog lovers). We understand the importance of dogs interacting and having a good time together!

Customer Reviews

What People (& Their Furry Loved Ones) Are Saying

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Trusted Partners

Handcrafted Treats & Tail-Wagging Fun

Discover the ultimate destination for your pets at Green Dog Barkery. Indulge your furry companions with our unique offerings and create unforgettable memories together!

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